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Procedure for online registration at CPA DOLLARD

Here are the 5 steps to register for our CPA Dollard programs.

5 steps to register:

  1. Create a family member account (parent/guardian)
  2. Add one or more participant (s).. One participant = skater
  3. Choose the PROGRAM(s) for which you want to participate
  4. Choose the PRODUCTS that apply to your situation (Example: Club Sweater (Canskate))
  5. Make a payment. Last step which finalizes your registration.

STAR Skater Attention: you will need your Skate Canada number.

For future members (never registered in a Skating Club) who do not have a Skate Canada number, please contact a CPA Dollard Club board member to get one:

Click on schedule to choose the time period(s) for which you want to register

Ice schedule

Step 1: Create a member account (Parent)


Click on the "Registration" tab (in the menu) then on "Create an account" (in the yellow alert message)

Fill out the form with the requested information

Validate by clicking on "Continue"


Step 2: Add one or more participant(s)


Click on "Add a new participant" (Skater)

Add a new participant

Fill out the form and click on the "Add a participant" button

Repeat as many times as necessary. (Multiple skaters)


Once the participant(s) is created, click on "Registration" in the main menu to go to the registration page.


Step 3: Choose the PROGRAM(s) which apply to you


You can help yourself with "Program" and "Program Level" choices in the left column to see which ones are best for you.

Choose the PROGRAM(s)

When you have found the desired program, click on the "Register" button (on the right side of the window) to add it to the cart.
Repeat as many times necessary to add additional programs.


Step 4: Choose the PRODUCTS that may apply (CanSkate sweater)


In the left column of the "Registration" page click on the "Buy products" button

Choose each product that applies to you. The Dollard CPA Club will conduct a verification on each participant and reserves the right to disable the corresponding account if required products were not purchased.


Step 5: Check Your Cart - Make Your Payment


You can access your basket by clicking on the following icons:



1. Check the list of Programs and Products you have selected

2. Click on "Billing Information"

2.1 Check each "Policies" to confirm that you have read them

3. Click on "Payment Information"

3.1 Click on "Pay by credit card"

3.2 Complete the requested information and click on "Submit"

4. The payment is completed. You will receive a confirmation email


Congratulations, you are registered at CPA Dollard. We are happy to count you among our members.


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